“The Caremark brand provides care and support to its franchise owners as well as its customers.”
Kevin Lewis - CEO and founder of Caremark


Our History

A company of history, integrity and success

Caremark CEO Kevin Lewis is one of the most experienced home care franchise experts in the UK. Kevin set up the Caremark brand in 2005 and the business draws extensively upon the care industry knowledge he has gained over a period of more than 20 years.

It all began in 1987, when Kevin set up a rest home in Brighton. The success of this business led to social services inviting him to diversify into the provision of home care in 1993. Rapid growth followed and the business soon became a major provider in the area.

Franchising enables care delivery everywhere

Kevin realised there was a need throughout the UK for the specialised care service methodology that he had developed. His approach, supported by robust policies and procedures, made it viable for attentive care to be delivered efficiently on a national scale via home care franchises.

From 1995 to 2001, Kevin built a UK-wide network of successful franchise owners, and became the UK market leader. Not surprisingly, Kevin’s success was recognised, and his company was bought by a major PLC. Many people would have stopped at that point, but Kevin’s desire to improve standards and access for customers in this field led him to launch Caremark in 2005.

"Our strength lies in the quality of our business model, our skilled support team and our ongoing commitment to providing the best support to our network."

The Caremark culture

The Caremark culture not only provides excellent care and support to its customers, but also delivers the same levels of care and support to its franchise owners.

What enables this, apart from the commitment of its enthusiastic, hands-on CEO, is that the Caremark formula follows a proven, experience-based system that incorporates a clear strategy for care business development and support. This unique focus has enabled the company to consistently exceed its growth and development targets.
Kevin’s passion for the business today is as strong as ever, and despite the testing economic climate he feels very positive about Caremark’s future in this rapidly expanding market.